Thursday, 29 June 2017

Blogging vs. Vlogging (Part 1)

On Thursdays, I will be blogging about myself and my knitting projects to expand my blog.

I started blogging at the end of April after realizing that vlogging was not for me.  I started vlogging last fall after a friend from high school talked to me about her experiences about vlogging.  She loved it and thought I would too.  I was highly interested and did some research about it.  I had been involved in drama productions in high school and was part of a drama company for three years back in 1999, so I'm thinking, it shouldn't be that hard.  Boy, was I wrong.  Talking to a camera is so much different than delivering lines on stage.  First of all, with acting, I am a different person and don't feel so exposed.  Second, a live audience gives you energy from their laughter and responses.  I find it completely different.

My friend then suggested blogging.  I feel so much more comfortable with blogging.  Being in front of a camera is hard work, I find.  Then I need to think of what I'm saying and it doesn't come out right, because I have a slight speech impediment. After I record a blog then I need to edit it.  Ahhhh!  Good editing takes a long time.  Also, all these programs and software are new to me because the last education I got in computers was in 2002 were we studied Microsoft Office 2000.  My computer skills are 17 years out of date.

Editing a document is a breeze compared to video.  However, there still is a lot to learn about blogging.  To be continued next Thursday.

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Pretty Little Industries

My child hates getting clean, but she prefers baths to showers.  It has always been a struggle to get her to go upstairs and bathe.  My discipline method is to take money away from her allowance if she refuses, but then you have a grumpy child for the rest of the evening.

Enter Pretty Little Industries!!
I first saw them at the Christmas Craft Sale at the Butterdome.  I was looking around their displays and that's where I saw them.  Pokey Bombs!!!  My child and her friends LOVE Pokemon and have watched many Netflix episodes of the show.  I thought that finding a toy in a wonderful smelling bath bomb would put a positive spin on bath time and it did!  She LOVED finding that toy in the bath and it was a good way to get her upstairs. Of course she told her friends and they all wanted Pokey Bombs for Christmas.  So I went to to order them but they weren't listed on the page.  So I tweeted them wondering where the Pokey Bombs went.  Turns out they had sold a lot of them at the craft sale and had some left but she didn't have all the colours that she had at the craft sale.  I was totally okay with mix and match and ordered two tubes of four.  One for my daughter and one for her friends to share.  I received them before Christmas, and, of course, the kids LOVED them.  Unfortunately, her friends who are sisters, threw all of them in the tub at once because they were so excited.  Oops, but fun was still had by all.

I saw Pretty Little Industries again in May at the Spring Craft Sale at the Butterdome.  This time I bought six bath bombs for myself and only three for the kid.  With names like Giraffe Laughs, Kola Krap, and Monkey Farts, it was fun to pick them out.  Did I mention they smell fabulous? So when my daughter ran out of Pokey Bombs she wanted to use mine because they "Smell so GOOOOD!".  She also says her skin is so soft after and I don't have to worry about chemicals because the bath bombs are vegan, palm oil free, and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) free.

Pretty Little Industries first made soy candles from natural products and expanded from there.  I would highly recommend to visit their website or to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Bruce County Nut & Fudge Co.

You're probably sitting there wondering where in Alberta is Bruce County.  Actually, the company is from Sauble Beach, Ontario, and they travel across the country selling their delicious treats at different shows and markets.  I saw them at the Butterdome Craft Sale at the beginning of May, and when I say "them", I mean Candied Apples!

As I stood there salivating over myself, the lady at the booth asked me if I wanted a sample of one of the apples.  A sample?! "Heck, I'll have five apples," is what I wished I had said.  For some unattainable reason, I was able to have enough willpower to leave the booth without a purchase.  One of the decisions in my life that I regret.  However, the lady at the booth is the cousin of the three sisters that own the company.  She said that they would be back for the Christmas craft sale at the Butterdome in December.  The apples will keep for two weeks in the refrigerator and would make excellent Christmas gifts.  Merry Christmas to me!!  And maybe to someone else 😆.

I visited their website and discovered they also have special candied apples for weddings and special events.  For more information please visit their website at

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Monday, 12 June 2017

Inuvialuit Carver

This is Priscilla Taylor, the Inuvialuit Carver.  She is a third generation carver from Tuktoyaktuk. I saw her booth at the Butterdome craft sale back in May. She was a pleasure to talk to and not camera shy.  I like to take pictures of artists with their work.  Some of the carvings have been made by different members of her family as well.

The beautiful life like carvings drew me into her booth.  I regret that I didn't take more close up photos of the other carvings. This photo does not do her work justice, so I am glad she has an Instagram account where you can see more of her charming artwork.

I asked her which one of her carvings is her favourite, and she chose the hunter hunting a beluga whale.  It is made from soapstone and muskox horn.  These carvings would make a great gift for the man or woman in your life who likes the outdoors, animals, and handmade items.  They would look stunning in any living room or den.

If you would like to visit Priscilla's etsy shop, go to:

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Monday, 5 June 2017

The Cherry Tree

Since I was young, I've had back and neck pain because I was born with a spinal curve.  I'm always on the look out for products to help relieve pain or make me feel better.  At the Butterdome craft sale, I stumbled upon a vendor that was selling comfort bags you can heat or freeze.

Then I spoke to Christina and found out that these bags are made from recycled cherry pits from the cherry industry in Western Canada.  The factory washes and dries them so that they can be sold to people who can reuse them.  I think this is a very creative way to reuse something that would have been thrown away.  

The bags are designed and made in Edmonton.  The have many shapes and colours to choose from.  I choose a purple long bag for myself which I purchased.  I brought it home to use but, I left it alone for a second with my daughter. I come back and she is using it on her back saying "so comfy".  The next time I see The Cherry Tree, I am going to buy a small bag for my child, so I can have mine all to myself.

If you are interested in seeing more comfort bag designs go to


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