Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Best Customer Service Ever!!!

I saw Friday Sock Co.  at the Royal Bison Craft Fair before Christmas.  I love creative things, especially mismatched socks.
This picture is from the Friday Sock Co. website

 So in love!!!  I didn't get a pair myself because I wasn't there shopping for me but trying to finish my Christmas list.  I bought three pairs of socks for my cousins who of course LOVED them.  They had seen my vlog about the fair and were familiar with the product.
This picture is from the Friday Sock Co. website.

Oh my goodness!  These socks are so fun!!

They also offer gift subscriptions for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.  You can't chose which socks you will get so it's surprise when you open the package.  I purchased a three month subscription for my very close friend Catie for a Christmas present.  The first pair should have arrived Jan 15 but she said she never got them.  I should have checked right there and then but sometimes the postal system isn't very reliable.  Then I blinked and it became February and she still hadn't received any socks.  Now I was puzzled and looked through my e-mail inbox to find the confirmation of the order I had placed.  I went from pasty white to a very pasty white when I realized why my friend hadn't received her socks.  The address that I entered for delivery was for the neighbours across the street from my friend!
After a big groan, I e-mailed Friday Sock Co. to tell them of my mistake and to send the last pair of socks to the right address.  Adam emailed me back and said they would send her the first two pairs socks again.  He didn't even ask for extra payment because he wanted Catie to get her three pairs of socks.  I was shocked out of my socks and delighted.  

Of course I felt bad of my mistake so I wrote a letter to Catie's neighbours telling them of what happened and asking if they could give the socks they received back to her.  I stuck it in their mailbox and hoped for the best. It took a couple weeks but they eventually returned one pair of socks.  I immediately emailed Adam to let him know that he didn't have to send the third pair. He sent an email back saying he already sent the three pair so this fourth pair would be a bonus.

 Catie and I were both delighted that she received all her socks and for the excellent customer service that we received.

If you are interested in purchasing your own pair of mismatched socks, please visit their website at

Note: The first two pictures are from the Friday Sock co. website.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Once Upon A Time

0nce upon a time there was a creative lady who lived in a big city.  This lady was visited by a friend from the land of her childhood and showed her how she could share her love of homemade and Canadian products with people of all lands.  Soon she entered the land of vlogging and set off on a quest to film these products.  After three completed quests the dragon named Depression entered the land and plunged it into darkness.  The quest no longer seemed interesting and the quest was set aside while the darkness was present.  Soon the sun appeared through the darkness and the dragon left the land but it lurked nearby.  The friend had come to the big city again to inquire as to why the quest had been set aside.  The lady confessed that her quest was difficult and daunting.  The friend reached out to her and placed something into her hand.  Peering into her hand she discovered that it held a quill.  Her quest of film would be replaced by that of the written word.  So our heroine sets of into her big city with a new purpose for her quest.  Since heroines don't give up on quests, film may still be used in the days to come.


     How is everyone doing?  I decided to take a break from writing this blog for a while. I'm not sure when I will come back to regular...