Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Barnwood Bellas

Thank you for your comments last week.  I really enjoyed reading them.  Please keep them coming!

The last vendor that I am going to write about, that I saw at Wholly Made in Sherwood Park, are the Barnwood Bellas - Rustic Home Decor.

There were other vendors at this event that sold Indoor Decor made of wood, but then I started chatting with Shannon and Afton.  They told me that some of their pieces are made from the family's 100 year old barn.  I love re-purposed art because its usefulness has not yet ended.  It served its purpose as a barn and will continue serving on a wall as an imaginative decoration.  Salvaged useful material gives me hope that even with my depression and anxiety, I will always serve a purpose.  We need to all remember this as we get older, have an accident, or struggle with a condition.  We are more than a broken down barn.

Not all the pieces are made from this wood, but wait.  There's more.  They also sell crochet bowls, rustic stools, and chicken wire frames.

If you would like more information or are interested in these items, you can visit them on www.facebook.com/barnwoodbellas.  I would highly recommend visiting their Facebook page as their pictures are bold and beautiful.

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