Thursday, 27 July 2017

Knitting with Berni

This picture speaks volumes about my current knitting project.

A mess!  I'm not talking about the pattern, I'm talking about my brain!  I have restarted this project four times already.  Okay, so I haven't knitted a delicate lace pattern since 2012 according to my Raverly account.  I'm sure I have done more knitting than that, I just decided not to record it.  It's even been a while since I've casted on a project, so I even had to review that.

Why did I decided to take on this project?  When I went to the Edmonton Fiber Frolic (that was in June, I believe), I saw tons of beautiful hand coloured yarns and wanted to buy a yarn that had a pattern that I could make a project with.  I like to buy yarn for a project instead of buying yarn and then searching all through Raverly trying to find a pattern that I want to do and that will work with the yarn I have.  Knitting is kind of like baking.  You can't just through a bunch of components together and hope you have a sweater that fits or bread that rises. There are different weights of yarn such as sock, DK (double knitted), worsted, bulky and super bulky.  The weight of the yarn usually decides what needle that you need.  Usually, the thicker the yarn, the bigger the needle.  Not so with my project.  I'm using a US 8 or 5.0 mm with sock weight yarn, because I'm doing a lace pattern and you do want to see the holes, because that's what makes the pattern.

Lace patterns are trick,y because there are lots of increase and decrease stitches that need to happen. When a mistake is made and you are on round 3, it's just easier to undo the project then undo the round you just did.  Oh, and did I mention I'm magic looping?  This technique is not hard except when you are using a sock yarn with a 5.0 mm needle and have big fingers.  I feel like I'm doing vein surgery with a ....well....with a 5.0 mm needle!

So why am I going to try a fifth time on this project?  Because lace is pretty and I would like a circular shawl with pretty green beads and this fabulous yarn called Intergalactic.  As all women know, being pretty take time and effort.

What projects are you working on right now?  It doesn't have to be a knitting project.  Do you feel like pulling your hair out yet?  Please share with me in the comments and maybe there is a person that is reading this that can help.  And please don't forget to like and share.

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