Monday, 24 July 2017

Aloha - hula girl designs

On June 3, I drove to Sherwood Park for the Wholly Handmade market.  There were so many vendors there, I was a little overwhelmed.  That's why I enjoyed stopping at the Aloha booth to talk to Jennifer.  She was as bright and cheerful as her hair clips.

Showing off my Hula Girl Designs
Hair Clip
Jennifer is one of the lead dancers and Marketing Director with A Hawaiian Holiday Drum and Dance Company.  She has been to Maui where she learned the techniques for making the flowers and the traditional way of weaving the leaf for making lei and hula skirts.  Each piece that is worn has a specific meaning in the Hawaiian traditions and is very important to her as Maui feels like "home".

She has also been to Oahu and trained in Hula dancing on both Islands from many Kuma Hula (master teachers).  She has performed in Waikiki and was a guest performer in Maui.

That is where the business started, making flowers for costuming at first and then gifts for her hula sisters.  Of course, the more people saw her designs, the more requests she received for them.

Here in Canada her mission is to spread Aloha across the Canadian prairies with her flowers.  What's better on a dreary Albertan winter than seeing a bright flower?  I hope when I wear my flower that I can put a smile on someone's face.

If you would like to purchase one of her flowers, she will be at City Market 104 in downtown Edmonton on August 12.  She is also doing a popup at Triple Flip clothing store. You can also contact her on facebook at
To see more of her designs, go to her Instagram page at

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