Monday, 31 July 2017

Page Turners Bookshop

There's nothing better than losing yourself in a good book in the middle of winter, underneath an afghan, with a steaming cup of hot chocolate on the side table.  But what happens when our beloved books start falling apart beyond repair?  At the Wholly Handmade Event in Sherwood Park, I met Sarah who own and runs a mobile bookstore call Page Turners.  She collects books and sells them at Farmer's Markets and Trade Shows.  When she comes across classic books that are out of commission, Sarah assembles the pages of these beloved editions into art.

The page is framed with a quote from that page, written on top of it.  The pages are from well-loved classics like Little Women and a Tale of Two cities.  You can also purchase pages without frames if you would like to do that yourself.

She also sells wreaths, book marks, cards and Christmas ornaments from the up-cycled book pages.

If you are interested to know where Sarah will be selling her artwork and books, please go to her website at

If you would like to contact her directly, there is a contact form on her website.

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  1. Looks very original! I love the framed pages especially!

  2. That's so awesome! I love reading books and I often get lost in book shops (but in a good way!)

  3. Thank you for your comments. I love to hear feedback. 😊

  4. Those are really cool! I love when people use books in an artsy way.



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