Monday, 17 July 2017

Simply Entangled

During the event, Nest in the City, I met Katelyn, who weaves and does macrame. Her items include plant hangers, wall hangings, key chains, coasters, and even custom orders.

She knew how to knit since she was a child and always wanted to expand into weaving and macrame which she was able learn when she was in University.  Besides running Simply Entangled, Katelyn, is a full time social worker which is why 15% of purchases go towards Makaway Kid's Camp.  She is a talented lady with a very big heart.

I love her plant hangers and regret not buying one but the hubby gets grumpy if I spend too much mula.  There is another option on how to get lovely items for the home.  I could make them myself at one of the workshops that she provides.  Also, if you have an idea of an item you would like but she doesn't have it, she will custom make it just for you.

To view her beautiful products, visit her Etsy shop at  If you would like to request a custom made item or to sign up for her workshops, please message her on Etsy or Facebook.

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