Wednesday, 12 July 2017

My Dogs Rodger and Nakita

We got our first dog, Rodger, from the Humane Society. Rodger was part Jack Russell, part Hound and three years old.  I still miss his stumpy little legs and soft ears.

I was giving him a walk, with my daughter in the stroller, when we came upon a flock of birds sitting in the park.  For some reason, I thought that he would enjoy chasing the birds off leash.  I had treats with me, thinking that would bring him back to me.  This was not the case as he caught a scent on the path which lead him onto the road and he was hit by a Jeep. When I got to him, as he left me in his dust, I picked him up and put him in the bottom carrier part of the stroller.  I was quite far away from home so I called my husband and told him where to meet me.  Since his heart was still beating, I had hope that he would still live.  We took him to the Animal Hospital but he died in the car on the way there.  I felt all sorts of guilt because I let him off leash.  I loved Rodger so much and was crying hysterically as they took him away and especially when they gave me his collar.

We brought Nakita home 8 years ago, two weeks after Rodger died. She is a Jack Russell Terrier who is turning 9 years old in August, but you wouldn't realize it by looking at her.  She is feisty and likes to bark a lot, at the chagrin of my neighbors.  Her favorite past times are eating and trying to get out of the fence.  It is annoying when she barks but she is just trying to protect us.

My early memories of Nakita is when she would jump in the bathtub with the baby and keeping the floor clean from cheerios and other food that got chucked on the floor.  I also have a cute video of Nakita chewing on a wrapping paper tube.  She bent it back and it hit the baby on the head, twice. Don't worry, the baby didn't realize what had happened.

Even though she barks a lot she does like to snuggle with us on the couch.  She has to sit between anyone who sits beside me.  She's so jealous of my attention. She's not the perfect dog but she's my dog.

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