Monday, 8 May 2017

C2 Boutiques - SLO Fashion Handbags

So let's say you're a Mom going to California with her family on an airplane and don't have a lot of space for packing.  You have your regular Mom purse that holds Johnny's ipod, Lindsay's book, Kevin's DS, and snacks for the toddler.  Of course, the juice and the snacks spill in the purse which is impossible to clean properly. Stress level is at a 5.

Then in California, you're at the beach and have to buy a beach tote because you had no room to pack one and then sand gets in your tote. The kids are crying because they have sand in their devices and you've tracked sand into the hotel room.  Stress has risen to a 8.  After that lovely outing, your husband wants to take you out for a fancy dinner and all you have is your stained purse or a sandy beach tote.  Stress is through the roof!  Why couldn't there be a handbag that works for every occasion and was kid proof?

That's where SLO handbags make their dramatic entrance,

I have never seen a bag like this before.  First, you start with a durable rubber like shell which can be easily cleaned.  Then you pick an insert from many designs and colours.  After that comes the handles which also come in different colours.  The lining is held in place to the shell by the handles.  If you want to change the lining or clean it, just take the handles off, put in a new insert, and reattach the handles.  Or instead of a lining there are cuffs that you can put on the shell as in the picture above.  There or so many different style and colours to choose from!

So let's try this again and give the stressed out Mom a SLO bag.  She now has three bags in one.
The shell and the liner can be cleaned after the spill.  Not a problem.  She then uses the shell of the bag as a beach tote and again it can be cleaned easily of sand.  Lastly, she adds a cute cuff to the shell for a night on the town and no one is the wiser. 

What can a SLO bag do for you?

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  1. I love products that can easily be used for more than one thing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great product ! This group would benefit from this article and your humour.



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