Monday, 15 May 2017

Glass Earth Inc.

When I was at the Women's Expo, I was so excited when I saw the Glass Earth Inc. booth. I love Terrariums because they bring the nature and whimsy of the outdoors right into your home.  Plus with the right care, they will last a lot longer than just a vase of flowers.

There are many different designs to choose from.  From hanging terrariums to pyramids or cylinder vases.  And then there are plant designs that defy the dome and thrive in pots to create a mystery fairy land.  You might even see a hobbit or two.

Not only are these terrariums for sale but Glass Earth Inc. also offers workshops at The Collective in St. Albert.  You can find the dates of the workshops on their website
If the dates and times don't suit you or the workshops are all sold out, not a problem.  They are always adding new workshop dates to the site.  You could also book a private workshop with four people or more as a birthday party, bridal shower or just an afternoon with the besties.  Contact Cynthia at or 780-298-1489.

I haven't participated in a workshop yet because of my schedule but this is at the top of my to do list and I'll be writing a blog of my experience.
Any one with me?

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